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Inclusivity stichd

A welcoming culture is something you create together.

This August ‘21, Pride Amsterdam celebrated its 25th anniversary.
Being the largest LGBTQIA+ event in the Netherlands, it inspired
us to host our own conversation with some of our stichd family
members on the topic of pride.

Our goal? To educate and celebrate the diversity and inclusivity at
stichd. But to also listen. Listen to how we as a company can continue
our commitment to ensuring a welcoming and encouraging
environment for all.

Have a listen yourself to their open conversation.

  • the Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001.

  • pride began as a protest against police brutality and discriminatory laws. The most well-known are The Stonewall Riots that started in NYC in June of 1969. This is why June was selected as Pride Month in many countries.

  • homosexuality is still illegal in 70 countries across the globe, with the death penalty in 12.

  • an alarming number of LGBTQIA+ people worldwide still hide aspects of themselves at work for fear of being ridiculed or fired.

  • LGBTQIA+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, and the plus to indicate the growing community.
In conversation with Maikel, Eva & Travis
Three of our stichd family members had an open conversation about the topic of pride, both in and outside of work. Here are some excerpts from their full conversation.
“It should not be necessary to come-out again in your professional life or at work.” Maikel, graphic designer
“We are all human. We are all equal. And we can only do this all together.” Eva, office manager
“By being able to come-out as yourself, you are able to come-in to yourself and tap into your full potential.” Travis, copywriter
Manager's Reflection w/ Head of Marketing
Our Head of Marketing, John, also joined in with his reflections on the topic of pride and inclusivity.
What does pride mean to you?

It means that everybody has the right to be who they want or choose to be. Unfortunately, there are many that still need to fight for that right, even here in the Netherlands. The more pride we show in ourselves, the more others can hopefully begin to find it in themselves too.

What has your journey at stichd been like as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

I have never felt the need to explain myself to anyone. Even here at stichd I didn’t. When the moment was right for me, I brought my partner to the company end-of-year party and that was that. My journey here has been a smooth one, where I’ve been and always could be myself.

How do you ensure a strong sense of pride and connection throughout your team?

I encourage everyone to speak up! Anything can be said or shared, if it is done in a polite and respectful way. We all have a voice and you’re the only one who can use it. So, use it well. In addition, it’s important to me to encourage my team to be proud of their own accomplishments. This builds confidence and pride.

As Head of Marketing, how do you create a space that embraces individuality and diversity?

During my grade school period, my brother and I were the only kids of colour. If it wasn’t my colour it was my length, if not something else. This has formed me to who I am and how I live my life. Let everyone be! As a bunch of creatives, we’re slightly wired differently already. So, bringing unique people in and stimulating their uniqueness to shine through is key. Therefore, I seek out diversity when building and developing the team, because it only makes our team stronger. And I mean diversity in all aspects; backgrounds, cultures, hobbies, personalities, views on life, etc.

Do you have tips for other team leads?

I’m by no means an expert and am constantly learning myself, but one thing is clear, you need to value people based on their actions and not on subjective things like how they decide to dress, how they talk or who they are dating.

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