We’re a collective of individuals.
Diverse personalities with shared goals.

Effective, not robotic.
Efficiency with warmth.

A global mindset meets global capabilities.

Klaudia Jankowska, Warehousing

Everybody here is given a lot of freedom to be confident.

For decades, we have woven together the fabric of our organization. stichd is a unique patchwork of many elements, strengthened by its history, products, brands and accomplishments. This strength and diversity shapes our personality. We are informal, direct and hands-on. We believe that with integrity comes honesty. Expertise must be balanced with humility. A happy workplace is synonymous with trust. Our culture promotes the committed and the entrepreneurial. We provide our employees with the freedom to do what they do best. Confidence is welcome, but so is a little weirdness too.

From a family-owned company to a global market player, we’ve grown quickly every year. Dedication and drive from every team member has been essential. Maintaining a warm, supportive environment isn’t always easy on such a large scale. But we make it happen, together.

Wilfried Konings, Warehousing


stichd believes in giving, not taking — in sustainable practices over quick fixes. As global citizens, we aim to help when we can, wherever we can. It’s important we nurture our employees while being mindful of the wider world.

Life at stichd

The company gets active through running clubs, soccer games, and weekly yoga lessons. A healthy lifestyle is important for well-being, not just productivity. Frequent Dutch-style borrels keep team spirits high over drinks and snacks. At the head office in Den Bosch, we offer subsidized lunches as an added bonus too.

Our Contribution

Our initiatives extend beyond stichd. We believe in creating communities, no matter where you are. And we want to dedicate time, not just money, to doing so. Working closely with The Citizens Foundation, we’ve built schools in rural Pakistan over the last 18 years. Underprivileged children are taught by an all-female teaching staff — promoting both equal education and female empowerment.

Sustainability is also important to us. The solar panels installed on our warehouse roof in Tilburg are so powerful, we can provide renewable energy to 1,500 households.